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Why do we wear Jewelry?

Wearing of Jewelry is known to date back over 75000 years, made from, stones, hide, reeds and shells, even berries. All handcrafted with a purpose, to show status, attract a mate, as gift giving or to even just feel beautiful and standout.

Today we still wear jewelry for the same reasons. Custom designed jewelry can be unaffordable and hard to find, so we settle and buy mass produced pieces, and get what everyone else has. Sometimes that’s fine, but one reason many people wear jewelry is to stand out. We want to wear jewelry that’s as unique and individual as we are. We want it to represent us as such. Your local chain department store may have some attractive jewelry, but it’s not really symbolic of who we are as individuals because everyone is wearing the same thing, and is mass produced in a factory.

AlotaSoul's mission is to provide you with quality handcrafted, one-of-a-kind designs that lets you make a personal statement, to express your unique beauty. Each piece made by hand with Soul in Salmon Arm BC Canada

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