AlotaSoul Prize Giveaway Winners

We are super exited to Announce the winners of our pre Christmas 🎄 give away! Thank you all so much for joining AlotaSoul in our giveaway!

The lucky winners are

(A) Amythest Earrings....... Andrea Di Zanno CongrCongratulations! Having lived in Fort Nelson years ago, it brought back some great memories of the years we spent there! thank you for your support!

(B) Essential oil Bracelet... Shelley Taylor Alexy Congratulations, thank you so much for participating!

(C) Heart Pendant.............. Kira O’Sullivan Congratulations, we really appreciate you entering and sharing ❤️ Both Cindy and Dena we born in Alberta and Dena attended High school there! So it was really awesome to draw you lovely Alberta Gals!

if all three of you ladies can email us at with your addresses we will ship you your prize! THANK YOU ALL,

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